I am Muhammad Haggag, a software developer. That’s enough for now.



  1. Hello Muhammad,

    I found you through the SICP workshop on GameDev – it’s a great idea, thanks for initiating it.


  2. P4uL said


    I have something to you, and im ready to pay much if u can help me, please email me or add on msn h4rdstylex@hotmail.com

  3. Giovani said


    I’m Giovani Chaves, a brazilian student finishing my Computer Science university.
    I have to build a final job to my graduation, and decided to develop an USB gadget.
    It consists in a motor vibrating chair to simulate the same ForceFeedback effect of the steering wheel on the driver’s chair at racing games.
    The problem is: games accept only 1 controller, so if I build the chair using a 05h USB device class (a ForceFeedback capable controller), the player is unable to use the wheel, he have to choose between the chair controller or the wheel controller at config.
    Then, I found out that I can hook some code to the DirectInput to detect ForceFeedback events sent to the wheel to trigger the vibration on my chair controller. It’ll be a HID class USB device. This way, I could watch for ForceFeedback events directly on dinput.dll and then trigger my device using libUSB as a device driver.

    I can’t even realize how to start a hook on dinput.dll, and which method I could use to achieve this mission.
    I’m a PHP programmer, know a bit C++ and some Java.
    Searching for articles to help, I stumbled on your code at http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=371104
    I tried to realize how it can be useful to my project, but since I’m not as experienced as you, I was unable to visualize solutions.
    Hope you could help me!

  4. Jaleel S. said

    Just passing by to say I THINK I saw your name as a top contributor for the “Humble Indie Bundle” on another site. Wanted to address there here briefly haha, have a good day.

  5. How does one contact you? email ?

  6. Muhammad Haggag said

    @Arif: I replied to your facebook message, but I’m not sure if you got it. You can contact me by email: mhaggag@gmail.com

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