DirectDraw Overlay Library released

I have released a beta of the overlay library at codeplex, here. The current version features the C++ library only, until I iron out some remaining issues.



  1. hakawitech said

    wow!! very impressive!! good job. I must put your blog in my hakawitech blogroll absolutely.

  2. Paul said

    Any updates on this? I’ve been watching since you released it, but I’m not a C++ guy – I’m waiting for the CLI Wrapper 😉

  3. Paul: Well, the CLI wrapper has been in the source code for a long time, I just haven’t put it into a release. You can get the latest source zipped from the sources tab.

  4. Paul said

    Oh cool, I’ll take a look at that, thank you 🙂

  5. supermedo said

    Great stuff!

    I see you created a managed wrapper (on Codeplex) for the library as well. I have a request 🙂 Could you upload the library in a form that can be used directly from C# like a .dll or something, because I have trouble compiling your code (sry, I’m not much of a programmer).

    Tnx for you answer in advance, really appreciated!

  6. Sure, I’ll do it this weekend (next Friday), God willing.

  7. idolatry said

    Very cool, Muhammad, I’ve been having lots of issues trying to get the managed wrapper to compile as well. A .dll would be awesome.

  8. Fuzzy Lai said

    Your demo is impressive.
    However, there’s a problem on my Vista with the overlay surface update.
    Would you please confirm it?

    1. run the demo visible
    2. set the display power timeout to 1 minute.
    3. wait for one minute and Vista should turn off the display power.
    4. move the mouse or press the keyboard to tell Vista to turn on the display power.
    5. the demo display disappears. one should switch it to hiddden and then to visible state to make it show again.

    BTW, XP doesn’t suffer this problem and there seems no error returned by UpdateOverlay().

    Fuzzy Lai

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